Big day – IUI #2

I was having such a nice sleep this morning, and it was cut way too short by the alarm. But I was also ready to get the IUI show on the road. We only had one hiccup, and that was I realized at midnight that the clinic didn’t give me a sterile specimen cup. (I usually am given one at the same time I receive my syringe full of HCG and it didn’t cross my mind at the time.) Doh! Not much we could do about it but just try to get to the clinic a little early this morning and poor Honey Bear had to spend some quality time in the doctor’s office bathroom. Not an ideal situation, but probably more preferable to the doctor than us walking in with a Ziploc bag or a Dixie cup… Really, I sometimes can’t even believe this stuff actually happens, but here we are, going down our weird little road to parenthood, LOL.

While the spermies were hanging out in the incubator for 45 minutes, we went to McDonald’s for breakfast sandwiches (and coffeeeeeeeee). I had a little more pep after that. When we returned to the clinic, we didn’t have to wait long before it was time to don the blue sheet and kick back in the fabric-covered stirrups. I was a little uncomfortable, but the procedure wasn’t too bad. Got pretty crampy afterward, and remained mildly crampy and sort-of bloated-feeling the rest of the day. Similar to last time. Seems like most of my internal achiness was on the left side, so I am hoping that indicates ovulation as my left ovary had the biggest follicle on it. I spent the late morning and most of the afternoon napping and resting on the couch. I’m feeling pretty positive about it all.

The day’s other big news is I performed at my first taekwondo graduation and earned my orange belt. Woohoo.


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