What’s happenin’… not much yet

Well, I haven’t updated in a little while because I haven’t had much to report. I have been literally just waiting. For whatever reason, my last cycle was 39 days. Grrr. Thank you, screwed-up uterus/metabolic system/ovaries/whatever else. I guess I am going to just have to look at it as there is some reason it had to happen that way and that hopefully it will all work out for the best. I have to say, the timing worked out well because of it. I’m on vacation to visit my family this week, so that leaves next week open for fertility procedures.

So, here I am on Cycle Day 5, just taking my Clomid and Metformin and thinking good thoughts that everything is going as it should inside me. Which is, I admit, a little weird to think about. haha. I guess I am just thinking that all the hormones would be as they should and that I will have the right number of follicles grow to the correct size, to be ready for ovulation. Anyhoo, on next Tuesday, which I think will be Cycle Day 12, I’ll go in for my follicle check ultrasound, and if all that turns out well then I should be on track for IUI No.2 that Thursday, Cycle Day 14.

So, y’all wish me luck and think good thoughts for me.

On the adoption front, we are just waiting there too. We won’t be hearing anything back until all our background checks have been completed and all of our recommendation letters have been mailed back. We sent off a list of 5 people/couples a couple weeks ago. DHS will mail them all something to fill out and then they’ll have to return it and then DHS will have to make sure it’s all good before we can expect to move to the next step. Next step, I think, is the required classes.


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