The Matrix

Honey Bear and I just went to the jail. And got fingerprinted. Luckily, they let us walk out after that. 🙂

We have been working our way through a folder of paperwork for the state foster/adoption process. Getting fingerprinted was our last item to complete the packet. Night before last, after work, we hit the Waffle House for supper/breakfast and tackled filling out the forms. Yesterday we signed our names a lot and got all the papers notarized – Yay for free notary services at our bank. I’ve got photocopies of our latest pay stubs, most recent tax return, drivers licenses and marriage license. Now with the fingerprints completed, I feel a little like I am entering The Matrix. Turning over pretty much all our personal information to the state. Eeek. It is exciting, though, to be taking some steps toward a goal.

Tomorrow the DCFS lady is coming to our house.

In fertility news, I am on day 23 of my cycle. Waiting for this cycle to wrap up so we can either be pregnant, unassisted, or start on the next cycle which will hopefully be IUI No. 2. (As you may recall, the previous intended IUI No. 2 turned into ICI No. 1.)


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