Life is busy. And good.

Have had a lot going on so far this week. Two good taekwondo classes. Two acupuncture sessions. First time volunteering at a soup kitchen, which was good and humbling and definately helps remind me how much I have in life. Sort of like taekwondo in that it gets me out of my head, just focusing on the present moments and actions. It is kinda early in the morning for me, but I hope I can keep it up once a week.

Also, I finally got a letter in the mail yesterday from the human services department regarding my online adoption inquiry. It contained basic info and requirements, and included a list of inquiry meetings. One was tonight, which was great because I happen to be on furlough at work tonight (thanks to the shitty economy, our work “gives” us one unpaid day off a month).

So, I attended the meeting, along with 3 couples and a toddler. Two ladies gave us some information and anecdotes on fostering and adopting through the state. They answered our questions, then we filled out a form to get the process going. We also scheduled home visits and received a folder of paperwork to fill out. The paperwork is basically a bunch of consent forms for multiple types of background checks – child and adult maltreatment registries, FBI, driving records, etc.

So, in the next couple weeks we need to complete forms, have them notarized, and get fingerprinted. We’ll turn all that in at the home visit, which will include questions on our background and assessing our home for any changes that would need to be made to be in compliance with their rules.

After the visit, there are many more steps, including CPR training, physical exams and TB tests, and weeks of training classes. Lots to do, but it is good to get the ball rolling. We are still on the IUI bandwagon (and I have a call in to the clinic to see when we can resume those), but it is great to get going on the adoption route as well. Good news on the fertility clinic front is after I paid them a hundred bucks today, I only owe $87. One more low easy payment, Haha.


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