In the meantime

We are skipping this cycle too. Honey Bear and I have discussed waiting until November to do anymore procedures. That is when we are supposedly able to do IUIs again at our clinic, assuming the sperm-wash crisis ends as predicted. IUIs are more expensive but have a little better success rate than ICI. While I would like to just get on with it, this supply-and-demand problem gives us the opportunity to get caught up on our fertility bills and hopefully have the clinic paid off by the time of our next IUI.

We are also looking at buying a car and taking on a car payment, so money is definately an issue involved in any decisions about fertility stuff. We also need to get the house patched and painted and pay the deductible for a new roof in the near-ish future. It seems fertility treatments will start coming more out of savings than checking when those things happen, and so our number of tries is not unlimited. We haven’t set a cutoff number for attempts and I hope we won’t get to that point. It seems from reading and Internet searches that 6 IUIs is the magic number. After that the success rate plunges. And after that there are no other options for us unless we win the lottery.

On a somewhat related front, I submitted another online adoption inquiry for the state system. I had no response from the first try and there is a possibility it did not go through or that the state folks haven’t gotten to it yet because of some restructuring there. If I don’t hear anything soon I will make some calls. I don’t want to wait to start that process because I understand there is a lot of paperwork, background check, meetings and classes. I have a feeling the state system could be really annoying to wade through, however, again, unless we hit the Powerball, private adoption is likely out of our price range. Where are the people to help normal, working folks?

In the meantime, I am occupying myself with taekwondo. I have been to 4 classes, enough to earn a little black stripe (ok, actually electrical tape, but whatever) on my white belt. It is nice to get my body moving and hopefully on the road to shaping up. It also is great to walk in to a place and concentrate on learning forms, techniques, practicing with partners, light sparring, instead of OPK tests, ultrasound appointments, HCG shots, timed sex, inseminations, and on and on.

I have been doing some regular massage appointments too. My massage therapist is this older Native American guy who is just really chill and also does energy work. My first session I had a terrible headache and be put his hands lightly on my head and did some humming and directed me in specific breathing and my headache was sooooo much better before I even got on the massage table. The dude has a great vibe about him and he plays great tribal relaxation music.


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