A first time for everything

I have had many firsts in the last year or so. I like to think that a lot of them are because I’m opening myself up more to the universe.

I took my first taekwondo class Tuesday. I probably would not have started that if not for agreeing to go to my first mixed martial arts kickboxing class with Allison last week. The MMA Kickboxing was too intense for me, but I really like the taekwondo so far. I think the taekwondo class is going to be good, and I’m going back on Thursday.

A few other firsts that come to mind include becoming an aunt (not anything I had control of, but still ,LOL), having a hysterosalpingogram, doing an IUI, doing an ICI, follicle check ultrasounds, acupuncture, regular massages, taking a semester of Italian, attending Catholic church as a Protestant, and starting this blog. It isn’t my first blog, but it is my first public forum and acknowledgement about fertility issues.

Hopefully there will be more firsts to come related to our trying-to-conceive journey. For now it is nice to have some unrelated things going on to keep my mind from melting down.


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