in a holding pattern

Well, despite stopping the Prometrium on Wednesday night, I still haven’t started my period. Last cycle, I started the evening after I stopped the medicine. So…. waiting for something to happen. Either a period or a positive pregnancy test. I had 3 negative tests this week. I suppose if I had a late implantation then it could have been too early to show on the test, but really I have no idea. If I am not pregnant, I’m ready to get this next cycle going soon or else I will have to skip this one because of a scheduled out-of-town trip. Sick of spending money on negative name-brand pregnancy tests, I picked up two tests at the dollar store today to use if I don’t start soon.

Today I went swimming for about an hour, and I worked out in the yard, weeding, watering and trimming. My cannas are blooming, and I saw a hummingbird at my feeder. This week I have been reading The Help.


One thought on “in a holding pattern

  1. This may sound ridiculous, but you can buy pregnancy tests in bulk online. I had a pee on a stick addiction. They are cheaper because they do not come with all of the packaging. I still get emails when they are having a sale. I know, ridiculous, but thought I’d let you know. $20 for a box of three is not cheap!!!!

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