– for negative

Well, negative pregnancy tests yesterday and today. 😦 Two weeks ago today was the ICI. I really had a good feeling about this one, so it is more disappointing than last month. Now I wait to start my period and have to decide by Day 3 if we are trying again on the next cycle. We can keep doing ICIs or stop until the sperm-wash fairy delivers in November.

Had accupuncture today and Tuesday. It was pretty relaxing. Today’s was especially good because I had a bad headache and neck tension since last night at work, and the extra needles he placed for that actually helped! I still have a headache but it is not as bad and the feeling of my neck supporting a bowling ball is much improved.

I am on a twice a week schedule for the accupuncture. I think next time I will bring my headphones and play some of my monks chanting music on my phone.


2 thoughts on “– for negative

  1. The acupuncture thing sounds so tempting. I also have heard people who have been treated to help them stop smoking. Intensely curious …. I find it surprising that you have monks chanting.

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