Found out when we arrived that Dr. H was able to talk to Dr. S yesterday (which makes me feel a lot better) and it was decided that with the unavailability of the sperm wash kits we will do an intra-cervical insemination (ICI) instead of IUI. I feel less nervous now about not having to risk side effects of unwashed sperm in the uterus. An added bonus is it costs less. Apparently their last wash kit was used for us last cycle. So, we are hoping this works, obviously, ( keep your fingers crossed), but if not we then will have to decide if we want to keep doing ICIs or take a break until November, when the sperm-wash gods are expected to bestow new shipments.

We had to wait a bit on Dr. H. He was technically not in the office today but came in after surgery for us. The insemination went fine. It was crampier and more uncomfortable than the IUI. I think that was partially because he injected it slower, kept the speculum in longer, and moved it around more in an attempt to keep as much semen in as possible. Since it was not washed it wasn’t concentrated so there was more volume to inject. And since it was intracervical and not intrauterine, some of it runs out, just like with sex. I laid on the elevated table for about 20 minutes afterward.

So, now we wait. Honey Bear and I are lunching at Applebee’s now, and my car is dropped off for an oil change. I’m leaving for vacay tomorrow, so need to wash clothes and pack and spend some time with Honey Bear tonight. I am excited to be off work for a week and to spend time with my fam.

Oh, and on the money front, I have some payments to start making. The check out lady was nice and let me only pay part of it today. And I learned that since my insurance doesn’t cover this stuff, Dr. S and Company are not charging me as much as normal. Yay!


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