Tuesday’s appointments

I had two fertility-related appointments. The first to explore accupuncture and the second to check for follicles. The ultrasound showed that I have 2 mature follicles just waiting to release eggs. This is the news we are looking for. I had one on each side. The range they want the follicles to be size-wise is between 1.8 and 2.2 cm. I scored with the one on my right ovary being 2.2 cm and the one on my left being 1.8 cm. 🙂 So, the good news is this means we are doing IUI #2 on Thursday about 2 p.m. So, keep us in your thoughts!

At the ultrasound, the tech lady seemed pretty excited about my follicles, and afterwards she said “I don’t want to see you back here till you are pregnant.” I told her, I didn’t want to see her again till then too. LOL.

Afterwards, I met with the doctor to make the IUI plans. Except I didn’t get to see Dr. S this time; he is on vacation. I had to see Dr. H, and I found out that Dr. S is on vacation all week, not just for this appointment, so Dr. H will be doing my IUI this time. Dr. H was a nice guy, but he just seemed kinda clueless. Which makes me a little paranoid. I swear, sometimes I feel like I could do a better job than doctors if only I had access to their equipment and medicine. Anyways, I had to explain how things worked last month. He seemed surprised that Honey Bear gave me the HCG shot and that I didn’t get it at the clinic. I’m like, no biggie. He asked me how long we had been trying to get pregnant, and when I told him he said “Yeah, you need to get pregnant.” Yeah, no shit, that’s why I’m here…  I miss Dr. S.

Eventually we got all the details worked out, only for him to come back in and start telling me about there being a national backorder for the sperm wash kits and that I could still get the HCG shot but we’d just have to do timed intercourse instead of an IUI. I seriously said to him, “Um, no, that’s no bueno.” Lol. Last month Dr. S told me about this sperm-wash problem, but said that while the kits weren’t available, the individual chemicals or solution or whatever it is they use was still available separately and so it was fine. I never asked him what he used; I didn’t care; I figure he knows what he’s doing. So, fast forward to Dr. H, and he’s like, Oh well, we can do the IUI without washing the sperm, but there is a like 1% chance I could have an allergic reaction and get hives. I’ll take my chances, I told him. As long as it isn’t going to kill me; he said it would not. Though I did explain that Dr. S had dealt with this shortage last time somehow and maybe he could figure out what he did. Rolling my eyes. Get a clue people. I mean, why would you discuss IUI with people, give them fertility meds, have them come in to get the follicle check and THEN say, Oh, we’re out of sperm wash till November, sorry. WTF.

And another thing, seriously people, how can there be a national crisis over sperm wash solution? That is the most insane thing I’ve heard in awhile.

Sooooo, anyways, moving on… 🙂 I’m trying to be positive about this cycle and was pretty optimistic after the ultrasound (maybe not so much after my convoluted conversation with Dr. H), but the good news is we are doing the IUI and so there is a chance. Of course, I may get hives… WTH.

On to accupuncture…

I had that appointment first. The consultation was free, so I guess Acupuncture Guy felt like he needed to throw the kitchen sink at me even though I was really only interested in the acupuncture. He babbled on about metabolic stuff, and neck compression, and how my brain sides weren’t functioning at the same rate, and my chi is all imbalanced and thus my brain isn’t talking right to the rest of my body. I let him do a neck x-ray for 20 bucks to see if somehow my neck is keeping me from getting knocked up (rolling my eyes) because it is compressing the lines of communication or chi or some shit. He also used some wand thing to press against points on my wrists, hands, and ankle. Somehow this magic machine told him that my chi is jacked up in my spleen, thorasic and some other area that I forgot. Apparently since I couldn’t touch his finger with my right finger with my eyes closed but I could with my left finger then that shows my brain is off as well. Seriously, how do I even know if he moved his finger or something? It is all just kinda weird. He wanted to put off the acupuncture till my next visit, but since I wasn’t sure if there would be a next visit, lol, I got him to do it. I still haven’t decided if he’s a quack. I was hoping for a more hippie-Zen-like experience, not a Hummer-driving, fast-talking, I-wrote-a-book chiropractor/acupuncturist. Anyway, we’ll see, I may keep the follow up appointment in a couple weeks, or I may not. I need to do some more research. And of course I can just tell him, Look, I only want the acupuncture, not the other mumbo jumbo. But, he may have a point on some of it, so I need to do some reading. But even though I kept telling myself to keep an open mind, I’m skeptical, can you tell? haha

The acupuncture itself was really uneventful. The needles did not hurt. They were teensy and flexible on the ends. I barely felt them go in. The ones I felt the most were the 2 in my ear, but it wasn’t painful. I had 9 needles. Six were the basic points and 3 were specialty points based on those 3 things my chi was messed up on from the magic machine results. I had one on top of my head, 2 on my left ear, one on my hand and one on my forearm near my elbow, one in my leg, and one on each side of my neck/shoulder area and apparently one more but I forgot where it was. I just laid there on a padded table for about 20 minutes, and that was all there was to it. I think it is one of those things that you have to do several times to get benefit from it. I can say that I did not have any sort of dramatic response to it. I didn’t even feel super-relaxed or anything. The acupuncture cost $30.

Whelp, time to get this entry posted because it is T-Minus 5 minutes till Honey Bear gets to give me my HCG trigger shot.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s appointments

  1. You willing let someone put needles in you? I think you are nuts! lol! but then again, i HATE needles! really looking forward to seeing you in a few days!!!

  2. Very interesting … I think I’d probably feel the same way as you! Some of it may be mumbo jumbo, but it really can’t hurt you. And even if it only mentally helps, well, I guess it’s done its job!

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