Clomid and the moth

Well, Sunday was Day 3, also known as Start Clomid Day. Not much else happening on the fertility front to report. Just taking drugs and waiting around.

Yesterday I did several of my favorite things, including getting books from the library, browsing at vintage stores, and swimming.

Today I worked, but it was a fairly easy night. I talked to my Dad and wished him Happy Father’s Day. Honey Bear and I took a 1 mile walk.

After work, we rescued a large moth (a polyphemus moth as best I can tell from my guidebook) that had what looked like a spiderweb with leaves caught in it wrapped around his wing. I thought he was dead when I saw him in our garage. Well, first I actually thought it was a leaf. When I pushed him and he flipped himself back over I decided we couldn’t leave him there like that. So after a little freaking out by me (he scared me when he turned out to be alive) and a lot of panicked fluttering on his part, we got all the junk off him and he’s chillaxing out on the driveway after some circling of the garage lightbulb.


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