Follicle check

I had my first follicle check ultrasound yesterday (Tuesday). I wasn’t sure how it would turn out because I was thinking I may have already ovulated or at least had an LH surge. The ultrasound experience was totally fine. The lady was nice and it went quickly. I saw my uterus, which looked like nothing but a gray, grainy image. I saw each ovary, which being a blob were easier to distinguish. I saw my cervix, and it seemed to be open. I saw some blobs with dark outlines, which I can only assume were the follicles.

I had to go back to the waiting room for about 15 minutes before I was able to go back into a room to see Dr. S. I was trying to stay neutral, not too hopeful, not too cynical. The ultrasound lady didn’t tell me anything other than what the parts were so I didn’t know whether the IUI would be a go or not.

When Dr. S came in he gave me the good news — there were 2 follicles with sizes of 3 and 2.5. He said this was “ideal.” I like hearing “ideal.” 🙂 We discussed the plan and instructions.

Nurse H came in and hooked me up with a baggie containing a filled needle with HCG, alcohol swabs, gauze and a Band-aid. She marked a blue X on my ass for the shot’s target. And she gave me a specimen cup, with the instructions to keep the semen sample under my armpit or somewhere warm because “I want those guys swimming.”

I came home and shared the news with Honey Bear, and then we went to work. At 8 p.m., we went off to the ladies bathroom at work so Honey Bear could give me the HCG trigger shot. A first time for everything, Lol. The shot did not hurt much and Honey Bear got close to the target anyway. (The alcohol wipe sort of rubbed off a lot of the ink.) Didn’t notice any big side effects after the shot. Got a little nauseated later but that could be because I needed to eat.

The plan is for the IUI on Thursday morning. We need to arrive about 8 a.m. with the sample collected at home. Dr. S said it would take around 45 minutes for the sperm washing/preparation, so the IUI will probably be more like 9 a.m.

So, thoughts, prayers, good wishes welcome!


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