Good day

After a doctor appointment and some errands, Honey Bear and I had a yummy lunch at Red Robin. Then we bought a toilet. Exciting, yes? The really exciting thing is thanks to a special financing thing this weekend, I don’t have to pay off this toilet, its installation (which I hope will occur next week) or any of the other stuff we bought for 18 months. 🙂 This frees up some cash for stuff like fertility bills. Yippie.

Honey Bear went to a concert, and I spent 2 hours working in the yard. I planted 2 more blueberry bushes that I bought today, mulched around them and some of my other plants, planted some zinnia seeds, pulled a few weeds, watered, and refilled the bird feeder. It is nice to use the ole muscles, get a little sore and put some sweat into accomplishing something. It is nice to just let the mind zone out too.

Talked to my Dad later and told him about the IUI stuff. Haven’t really said much to the fam so far. Mostly cause I don’t want them to have an expectation that a procedure would automatically mean success. Dad’s getting the church folks to pray for us, and it does feel nice to share a little bit.

Tonight I have pampered my feet and painted my toenails with sparkles.

I got to crawl up into Honey Bear’s chair with him and get rocked and cuddled. Awww.

I started reading Eat Mangoes Naked by SARK. Love her. Also love that I bought that book and 2 others for 2 bucks at the thrift store.

“We so often try to present our ideal or best selves to the world. Let me invite you into the pleasure of sharing your fragile, wrinkled, dented, tiniest self! I assure you, it’s what people find most endearing about you!” ~ SARK


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