Losing it and getting it back

Emotional rollercoaster bullshit couple of days. Felt panicky and forgot to breathe. Anxiety I guess. Work stupidness. Casual weeping. Blech. Had my feelers hurt but they’re pretty much OK now. Trippin about money and fertility and basically just letting my mind get the better of me. Sat down in the bath last night, turned the shower on hot and just sat there for I don’t know how long letting the water hit me.

Called in a few prayer requests and friend pick-me-ups to get me straight again. OK, so I’m getting my shit back together now.

Off work tomorrow and I am going to make the most of it. Do whatever the hell I want to and feel good. It is also Day 5, so it’ll be time to start the Clomid. Doing 100 mg.

Just painted my fingernails and toenails. I’ve got a date with Carrie and the girls on my DVR. That’s right, I’m into Sex & the City about a decade too late. Lol


One thought on “Losing it and getting it back

  1. Definitely been there before! Hang in … and add some ice cream in with that DVD. That toallly used to be my Wednesday night gig: nails, ice cream, Sex & the City.

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