IUI update

Honey Bear and I went to see Dr. S today ( OK, technically yesterday but since I haven’t been to bed yet it is still today to me) to discuss IUI stuff. After much staring at the calendar on his cell phone and doing the math for possible ovulation dates and weekend clinic unavailability, Dr. S gave us the plan, which is as follows including all the possible TMI as well as general vagueness it entails:

  • Start taking Metformin again daily, to help regulate and shorten my cycle
  • Resume Clomid on cycle days 5-9 (Tuesday was Day 3, so starting Thursday), to stimulate ovulation and regulate cycle
  • Timed sex on the 29th and anytime before but not after
  • Appointment on the 31st with the ultrasound tech for a follicle check. If I have already ovulated, we try the IUI next cycle. If I haven’t ovulated yet and there are good-sized follicles (but hopefully not too many of them for the chance of high-order multiples issue), then I’ll get an HCG shot to trigger ovulation.
  • If this all goes as planned, 2 days after the ultrasound and trigger shot, or thereabouts, we’ll do the IUI. We’ll go to the clinic, they’ll wash the sperm (which means they use some process to separate the good swimmers from the lazy ones and the other semen junk and they will only use the best sperm for the insemination), inseminate, done. Wait.

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