stupid day

Monday was just irritating. I felt bitchy and emotional. Probably it being Day 2 of my cycle had something to do with that.

One problem with my 13-year-old car turned out to be the battery, which was a relief. The other problem turned out to be a leaky head gasket that is eventually going to need to be replaced for an estimate of $1,400 upwards. For now I can just watch it and add oil. Probably time to look for another car rather than put that much money into this old car with other issues already.

So thinking about money. Stuff I am going to need to spend money on: House payment, plumber coming to fix stupid toilets, new or new-to-me car, exterior house painting before it deteriorates further, my HSG test hospital bill, and oh yeah, future fertility treatments. Have my dr appt tomorrow so thinking about how much all that IUI shit might cost. Arg.

I ate some crappy lackluster McDonalds for supper.

Honey Bear is leaving tomorrow for a few days. 😦

And to top it off, I ran over an already-run over skunk on the way home and now my car stinks. FML


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