Week in review

It’s been a pretty full week. Worked of course, attended a baseball game, saw and listened to the Dalai Lama (!)  and 2 others at a discussion on nonviolence, my car died in the garage and got towed to the shop (still awaiting word on it), and my Mom came for the weekend and helped me do a ton of yard work. My body is sore and I’m kind of tired, but it is a good feeling to have accomplished a lot in the yard. Blueberry bushes planted, mulch removed from up against the house and replaced with rubber mulch and old wood mulch reused in the yard (away from the house because of the whole termites-love-wood thing), old flower beds cleaned out and replanted, new flower bed created and mulched, weeds killed, weedeating, etc. Credit for much of this goes to the Moms. And thanks to her I now have a bird house and a compost bin (not yet assembled). So if I start writing about carbons and nitrogens and aerating my garbage and clippings… yeah. OK, done writing this cause I just realized I zoned out and need some rest, lol.


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