It is now pee-on-a-stick-whilst-awaiting-ovulation time. OPK tests are the most annoying little buggers. Is that pink line the exact same color and intensity but not necessarily the same width as the reference line? Stupid instructions. You could stand there and over-analyze that for 30 minutes, or I could if I weren’t already late for work anyways. Uh, the general lack of motivation regarding getting out of bed, getting to work on time, buying groceries, doing laundry, etc is hitting really hard lately. That ole empty-and-achey in the chest feeling that makes me forget to breathe and want to cry is back these last few days. Hormones? Fertility bullshit? A little depressed? Eh. Anyways, this will be a regular old-fashioned try this month, for those of you keeping track at home. I still gotta get another appointment with Dr. S in a few weeks to follow up about the HSG and proceed with planning an IUI. Though his nurse did call me Monday to confirm the results, so yay for that.


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