In observance of National Infertility Awareness Week (which you can read more about here), I am listing a few (and just a veeeerrry few) of my confessions and things that drive me nuts:

  • If you are a pregnant Facebook friend, I may have you hidden. Not all of you, only the particularly annoying.
  • If you have one of those “Week in My Pregnancy” do-dads on your Facebook page, the little banner that tells us what week your pregnancy is in and shows a creepy little fetus illustration and says things like “your baby now has eyelashes” or “your baby no longer has a tail,” I absolutely have you hidden on my Facebook.
  • Uncool comment: “So, I heard no one announced a pregnancy this Christmas. You know, So-n-So announced two years ago and So-n-So announced last Christmas. So…. Oh, uh, just an observation.”
  • Repeatedly endured uncool comment: “It’s your turn now.” Yeah, no shit? I didn’t realize.
  • More from the peanut gallery: “Relax.” “Have you considered adoption?” “If you adopt, you’ll get pregnant.” “Stop trying so hard.” “Do you even want to have kids?” “Go on vacation.” “Pray about it.” “Does seeing/holding/playing with So-n-So Baby make you want one?”
  • Every time I read an article about people who have abused, neglected or killed their children, I can’t help but think, why are these people given children and not me? I’m not trying to sound pitiful here. I just really can’t understand how it is even possible for the Universe/God/Whatever to allow such a thing. It blows my mind.

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