Good Good Friday

So, I had the HSG test today, and it went well. I was not in any kind of crazy pain, and the procedure went smoothly. It was uncomfortable and crampy, but luckily it went really quickly. And the really excellent news is that MY TUBES ARE OPEN! Super happy to know that! I got to see the x-rays immediately after, and by immediately I mean I was still sitting on the table with a sheet for clothing. It was kinda surreal to see something inside of me, even just the black hollow x-ray-ey looking kind. I saw uterus, ovaries and squiggly tubes. Yippie! Dr. L, the random radiologist of the afternoon, who wore a green camoflauge protective jacket, said nothing looked funky with any of the parts, and the x-rays clearly showed the dye spilling through the fallopian tubes.

After I received a complimentary phonebook-sized pad for the road, I was good to go. Honey Bear picked me up and we went to lunch. It was sweet that he volunteered to drive me in case I was feeling bad afterwards. Aww. But as it turned out, I was only a little crampy off and on for the rest of the day. So. Happy. About. That.

After Chick-fil-a-ing and Hobby Lobbying with Honey Bear, he went to watch baseball and I went to church for the Good Friday service. Church was good. Standing up during the entire reading of the passion of Christ is kinda long, but I guess you gotta think, hey, quit whining, this ain’t near as bad as, say, getting crucified. This service was bilingual, so I spent a good portion of it reading the English translation projected on the wall. I had never venerated a cross before. And by venerated, I mean kissed, cause that is what they asked us to do. To kiss the hands or feet of Jesus. I wasn’t really expecting that, nor was I expecting that between each kiss an alter kid would be sanitizing your kiss mark with a wipe. First time for everything. Probably my favorite part was singing “Were You There” which is a song I like a lot.

Hung out at the bookstore later. Had coffee and a strawberry tart. Browsed books.

Kicking back now, enjoying a Woodchuck hard cider. A toast to my lady parts. Cheers!

And a big thanks to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers and were hoping for a good Good Friday for me!


4 thoughts on “Good Good Friday

  1. So glad the cramps weren’t that bad! *EXTRA* glad the tubes are all clear! YAY! YAY! That’s one big hurdle out of the way. 🙂

    Isn’t infertility treatment required to be covered under your health insurance in the state of Arkansas?

  2. I think some of it is, but I know there are exceptions for HMOs and stuff like that. I think our insurance policy through work is one of those exceptions. But I have not called them and asked for specifics yet. Right now, we are able to work with PCOS Dx, so they have paid for some of the diagnostic stuff and the doctor appointments. When I did the Clomid and Femara, I paid for those drugs myself.

  3. That’s wonderful, Miss Megs!!!!

    And I would totally be toasting with a Woodchuck cider. Hell, after today, I might just do a shot of tequila.

    The telephone book pads can only truly be appreciated when wearing net underwear.

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