Took myself out for a pedicure tonight. I feel like if I have to go kick back into some stirrups tomorrow then my feet may as well look purty while doing it. The pedicure was totally worth braving the yucky, rainy weather, and my piggies are now purple with sparkles. 😉 I also bought and ate some candy even though I gave it up for Lent. I’m sure God will forgive me; I needed it. To atone, I surprised Honey Bear with some Reese’s Bunnies. 🙂 And I had some Starbucks coffee. So, thoroughly spoiled, I am ready for the test tomorrow.

As an aside, a funny story from the nail place: Young couple comes in carrying a 5-week old baby in a car seat covered with a blanket. The woman is getting a full set of nails put on. So the guy decides to get a pedicure to pass the time. He puts the baby carrier down in one of the massage chairs and he climbs into the one next to me. As the nail tech fills up the tub with water for his feet, he settles back into the chair and starts drinking beer.


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