Where I’m at

I recently had my annual exam, and I brought up IUI. Dr. S said that could be a good next step and suggested I have a HSG test first to check whether my fallopian tubes are open. This procedure does not sound fun in the least bit, and I was advised to take 800 mg of ibuprophen beforehand. The gist of the test is that dye will be injected and x-rays taken to show the progression of the dye. Apparently this test can get anywhere from crampy to painful from what I have read. Not looking forward to it in that respect but am ready to get it done and see what the next move is. After my period starts, I am supposed to call to get the HSG scheduled.

I am interested in IUI because I think it could be a good match for some of our issues, and lord knows I can’t afford IVF. At this point, I feel like IUI is about as invasive as I want to go. I reserve the right to change my mind. 🙂 But, realistically, it is probably about as advanced as we can afford to go anyway.


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