Jumping right in

Trying to have a baby isn’t all glitter and rainbows. There ya go, that’s what this blog is about. Among hopefully some other things that aren’t boring or whiney. Let’s toast: Here’s to an attempt at honesty and liberation. Here’s to not feeling weird and secretive about it all. Here’s to going down this road not alone. Here’s to living a great and happy life regardless.


2 thoughts on “Jumping right in

  1. Rock on! There should never be anything secretive about it. SOOOO many people have the same problems, and SOOOO many of them simply want someone to talk to. Like most things, if you haven’t been there it’s really hard to say anything about it… But for those who have been there, it is good to be able to help someone who is there right now. Sometimes it helps just to know that someone out there knows how much it sucks. 😉 And there is the comfort of knowing there is someone out there who wouldn’t dare ever say the words “it’ll happen when it’s time” or any of the other canned responses people think will make you feel better.

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